I invite you on a nine-day journey to the ancient and mystical land of Peru, filled with adventure, culture, and of course yoga.

Highlights include a visit to the extraordinary Inca ruins of Machu Picchu, a Peruvian sweat lodge ceremony, shopping the vibrant Quechua marchets, and soaking in the Natural Hot Springs of Santa Teresa.

Be ready to open your path, let go to an unforgetable adventure, and enter the fascinating world of Peru on the trip of a lifetime!


Early bird (until April 15th): $2,349
Regular: $2,500

Please note: does not include flight. You need to meet us in Cusco on July 11th.

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Retreat Schedule

Meet in Cusco


This trip starts in the culturally rich city of Cusco. We will spend four days exploring the vibrant Quechua markets and sights in the awe-inspiring Andes mountains.

  • Friday, July 11th
  • 2pm — Welcome talk and meal at KUSHKAFE
  • 3:30pm — Leave for Sacred Valley Hotel
  • 5:30–7:15pm — Yoga
  • 8pm — Dinner

4 nights in Sacred Valley Hotel


Options to raft, rock climb (Via Ferrata and ziplining), get a massage or just relax with your favorite book on the hammock.

  • Saturday, July 12th
  • 8:30–8:50am — Meditation
  • 9–10am — Breakfast
  • 10–4pm — Optional activity ($60: rock climbing or water rafting to local village, includes lunch)
  • 4:30–6:15pm — Yoga
  • 8pm — Dinner

Tamascal ceremony


We will open our minds and bodies through daily yoga and pranayama (breathing exercises), as well as a Tamascal (Peruvian sweat lodge) ceremony.

  • Sunday, July 13th
  • 8:30–8:50am — Meditation
  • 9–10am — Breakfast
  • 10am–2pm — Free time (visit local villages or get a massage, cost not included)
  • 3pm–4:45pm — Yoga
  • Early evening — Tamascal ceremony (sweat lodge)

Optional activities


There are optional activities like rock climbing and rafting already organized.

  • Monday July 14th
  • 8:30–8:50am — Meditation
  • 9–10am — Breakfast
  • 10–4pm — Optional activity ($60: rock climbing or rafting, including lunch)
  • 4:30–6:15pm — Yoga
  • 8pm — Dinner

Hot springs and a night in Aguas Calientes


On the fifth day we cross the valley to Ollantaytambo, taking a scenic train ride along the Urubamba River. From Aguas Calientes, our base for 2 days, we hike to the Natural Hot Springs of Santa Teresa.

  • Tuesday July 15th
  • 6am–7am — early light breakfast
  • 8am — train to Aguas Calientes
  • 11am — brunch (not included)
  • 12.30pm— hike the Hydroelectrica trail to Santa Teresa hot springs (cab/train fare not included)
  • Hike back to hotel, dinner

Machu Picchu


We head to the Sacred Valley and tour Machu Picchu, including the hike to Wayna Picchu (the famous peak above the ruins).

  • Wednesday July 16th
  • Early breakfast
  • 5am — Bus to Machu Picchu, Wayan Picchu
  • Hike from the base and ceremony
  • 4pm — Travel to Cusco by train to Hotel in Cusco
  • 8pm — Dinner (restaurant included)

3 days back in Cusco


We end our travels back in Cusco, walking through the cobblestone streets, taking in the fusion of the ancient and modern cultures of Peru for 3 more days.

  • Thursday July 17th
  • 9am — Breakfast
  • Free time (shopping, seeing sights, massage)
  • 4pm–6pm — yoga & meditation
  • 8pm — Dinner (restaurant included)

Scenic hike of Cusco from above


More activities, including a hike to the outskirts of Cusco, or time to relax.

  • Friday July 18th
  • 9am — Breakfast
  • Free time or hike
  • 4pm–6pm — yoga and meditation
  • 8pm — (restaurant included)

Depart from Cusco


Departure day, with a group breakfast before we leave.

  • Saturday July 19th
  • 9am — Breakfast
  • Leave to go home

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Retreat FAQ

Please read all the answers thoroughly so you know what's going on!

Where do you buy your flight to Lima?
Try for cheap flights (buy them as early as you can, as it is cheaper)
How do I get from Lima to Cusco?
You will take a short flight with Taca (again, buy your flight ASAP). Go to the Spanish-language website, it is cheaper! TACA
What day will I need to arrive in Lima, Peru?
It is best if you get to Lima on the 1st of July (the day before we meet in Cusco), as the small Taca flights only go out early in the day to Cusco from Lima. It is possible though to take a overnight flight to Lima and catch the smaller flight in time and by pass staying overnight in Lima
What hotel do you recommend in Lima for the night?
Stay in Miraflores in Lima, as it is nice and safe.
Hotel Jose Luis: $27/night
Hotel Vila Santa: $49/night
Doubletree: $134/night
Check out lonely planet reviews of more hotels
How do I get a taxi?
When taking a cab, use only official taxis. Avoid porters, as they will take your luggage and dump it in the most expensive taxi. An official taxi company should be about $20 from the airport to Miraflores. If you go outside the airport, you should get one for about $10. If you book a hotel in advance, the hotel will arrange a pickup for free. A taxi from Cusco airport to Cusco town center will cost you about $3 - $4. Lock your door once you are inside the cab.
Where are we meeting in Cusco?
We will meet at the Kushkafe (Choquechaca 131A, San Blas) at 2pm, in the traditional District of San Blas, for lunch and the welcome talk. We will head out to Sacred Valley no later than 3:30pm. Please do not be late or you will have to make your own way to the Sacred Valley Hotel. (You can check out pics of the hotel by clicking through.)
I arrive in Cusco early. Can i leave my bags somewhere safe so I can enjoy the town for a few hours?
Yes, you can leave your bags at Amaru Hostel ii(Chihuampata 642 | San Blas, Cusco, Peru). We can get your bags from the hotel after eating at the cafe.
I would like a travel buddy, is it possible to travel with someone else who is going on the retreat?
We will go out for a meal in NYC so you can meet the retreat group mid-June, then you can set up a buddy system so you don't have to travel alone
What is the weather like in Peru?
It is the dry season, the best time to go!!! In the evening and early morning the temperature can be as low as 35° F. In the Afternoon it can get as warm as 75° F.
What clothes shall I bring ?
You will need comfortables  shoes and clothes to hike in and do yoga in. You will need a winter coat, hat, scarf, gloves and long johns for the evening and shorts and T-shirt for the warm afternoons (winter and summer clothes). There are great warm soft cheap Alpaca clothes at the markets in Cusco!
Will I have to hike with my heavy backpack.?
No, only up till the meeting point in Cusco before the retreat starts, then when we do the hikes, we will leave our big bags with the hotel, they will transport our stuff to the hotel in Cusco. Please note you will need an extra little backpack for day trips to carry packed lunch and water. Also for the overnight stay at Machu Pichuu base in Aguas Ciliantes.
Is there laundry service in the hotel?
Yes, in all three hotels. You have to give them your laundry the night prior to when you need it
Is there WiFi?
Yes, in the hotel in Cusco. But there are many internet cafes around if you don't want to bring a computer (less to carry, your choice).
Do I have to change my dollars into Sol?
Peru's currency is the Nuevo Sol (S). There are no restrictions for changing currency in Peru. US dollars are commonly accepted in most hotels, stores and supermarkets in Lima and in the main cities in the country. We recommend to exchange money in banks in Peru, because they offer more security and guarantees.
Can we drink the water in Peru?
No, only spring water (brush your teeth with spring water to be safe)
Do I need to get shots for Peru?
It's your choice. Check out the CDC website.

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