Shiatsu Massage

My very first shiatsu session was an unexpected gift from a close friend. Little did I know it would have such a profound impact on me. The clarity and the imprint upon inner-outer body-mind space stayed with me for the longest time.


I knew I'd stepped on a gold mine: an opportunity to learn a method that I personally connected with and felt the urge to offer healing through. Clients, fellow students, teachers, and (most profoundly) my master teacher, Mr. Ohashi, encouraged me and told me that I have special healing hands, both physically and energetically.

As a dancer and a yoga teacher since 2003, my sessions include well-balanced work between the dualities of Push-Pull, Listen-Apply, Kiyo-Jitsu, and Yin-Yang.

I work with all age groups and any injuries towards overall well-being for anyone. I welcome you to try me out!

Call or email to book your session.

646.382.2187 /

$160 per session (about 1 hour)

Cancellation policy: 24 hours advance notice required, otherwise the session must be paid in full.

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