Yoga Classes

The Yoga classes I lead are taught primarily in the Vinyasa style. Emphasis is on alignment and body mechanics, thoughtful and creative sequences, flowing transitions, and easeful consciousness.

Each class is structured like a workshop, with a steady breathing rhythm to focus the mind. I weave in bandha practice to deepen back support, core integration, health of the internal organs, and expansion of the respiratory system. Assists include shiatsu techniques for deep release. The work is very focused and intense, therefore savasana and meditation are guided thoroughly.

  • Monday
  • Martha Graham Studio5Rhythms®
    Echoes Of Being
  • Wednesday
  • Equinox 19th StVinyasa
  • Kula BrooklynKula Flow
  • PremaYoga Brooklyn5Rhythms®
    Wednesday Waves
  • Thursday
  • Kula TribecaKula Flow
  • Friday
  • Kula BrooklynKula Flow
  • Kula TribecaKula Hour
  • Sunday
  • Kula BrooklynKula Flow
  • Kula TribecaKula Flow
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